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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bill Warner Uses White Supremacist Book. Sort of.

Muslim Mafia
Less than two months ago, Bill Warner posted an article calling Dave Gaubatz a White Supremacist. Of course Mr. Gaubatz is NOT a White Supremacist and Warner has not provided a single piece of evidence to back up his ridiculous claim. Subsequently, Warner was forced to remove the defamatory article which also slandered Robert Spencer as "Rejected by Academics."

A couple of days ago in the post titled "“Muslim Mafia,” GOP Lawmakers Accuse Muslim Advocacy Group CAIR of Planting Spies on Capitol Hill.", Warner used an upcoming book "Muslim Mafia" as a source for his post. When mentioning the book, Warner conveniently drops the name of Dave Gaubatz, one of the authors, and writes: " book by Paul Sperry titled “Muslim Mafia,” scheduled for release on Thursday."

The book documents CAIR Gihad against America and Warner seems to support the book's premise. That is quite strange, because just a few months ago Warner was corroborating with CAIR-approved phony reverend Jim Sutter and CAIR's own MT Akbar in attacking "Racist Pamela Geller," "Phony Khalim Massoud," "Nut Job Joe Kaufman," "Neo Nazi Geert Wilders" and other anti-Gihadists. So why the change of heart? Could it be that phony reverend Jim Sutter upset Warner by claiming that "Warner is involved in same-sex relationship?" Apparently questioning Warner's sexuality is enough to flip his stand on CAIR.

Earlier I mentioned "Robert Spencer Rejected by Academics." The so-called 'Academics' was an American Library Association which dis-invited Mr. Spencer bowing to the pressure from ... CAIR. Well, Billy, you can't have it both ways (and I'm not talking about your sexuality; whatever you do in the privacy of your own trailer is none of my business.) You're either pro-CAIR or anti-CAIR. Flipping on this issue would make you ... a Bill Warner.

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