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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Jew-Hating from Anti-Semite Bill Warner

Islamophobic anti-Semite Bill Warner acts all insulted when he's being accused of anti-Semitism. See "I am filing a COMPLAINT in Sarasota Civil Court ... for comments such as “Bill Warner, The Anti-Semite”"

Funny thing is, this bigot doesn't seem to mind being called an Islamophobe. Unfortunately, double standards are still acceptable in this country. While being an anti-Black racist or an anti-Semite is considered to be something shameful by most Americans, being an anti-White racist or an Islamophobe is considered to be a some kind of sick, twisted badge of honor in some circles.

That's why, Insane P.I. Bill Warner proudly proclaims his Islamophobia - "I (Bill Warner) totally agree with Debbie Schlussel , she hit the nail right on the head again, it is all a fraud, a Muslim fraud, there are no Moderate Muslims" (which doesn't preclude him from hypocritically labeling Geert Wilders as a Nazi for Wilder's supposed Islamophobia) - but his anti-Semitism is a bit more subtle. He might let out an anti-Semitic rant now and then, when he thinks that nobody's listening or accuse Jews of financing al Qaeda. In his latest rant, TOP TEN RACIST BLOGGERS AND/OR HATE WEBSITES HOSTED IN THE USA, Village Idiot Bill Warner lists Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs among the most vile Nazi websites you could think of. Anti-Semite Bill Warner has a history of equating Jews with Nazis. He used to have a picture of Pamela Geller hugging Geert Wilders in a Photoshopped Nazi uniform. That picture was removed after being on Warner's site for a few months; he must have realized that his anti-Semitism was becoming a bit too transparent.

The most reveling thing is that Atlas Shrugs has thousands of posts with not a single racist statement among them. So why would Bill Warner include Atlas Shrugs, a website run by a Jew among the top 10 most racist websites, if not for his blatant anti-Semitism?

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