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Monday, August 17, 2009

Insane P.I. Fabricates "Evidence"

Bill Warner, the Village Idiot must be off his meds again. In his latest post, "Lunatic Khalim Massoud and the Goons at Muslims Against Sharia Fax Me A Phony Check From Terror Charity “Holy Land Foundation” Dated in 1994.," he claims that we faxed him a phony check.

1. The check reads "Khald (or Khalid?) Massoud." Interestingly enough, Insane P.I. Bill Warner has misspelled Khalim as Khalid before.

2. The name of the image is "http://pibillwarner.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/muslims-agasinst-sharia-phony-check1.jpg" Disregard "agasinst" part - people who have extra chromosomes sometimes add extra letters, note the "check1" part. Does that mean that "check2" is coming in the near future? Also could "Fax" instead of "Faxed" (in the title) be a Freudian slip meaning that there are more checks coming? Although, it's possible that HillBilly Warner doesn't know how to use verb "Fax" in past tense.

3. As soon as the Village Idiot figured that we're based out of DC, not out of Nebraska (the fact that we never attempted to hide, still took a few months for him to figure that out - some P.I.!) the fake check magically came from DC area. Such coincidence!

So, what could we possibly have gained by faxing Insane P.I. a fake check, especially with a name that is misspelled exactly the way Warner does it? The funny part is that the Village Idiot cannot even keep his story straight. He claims that the Kinko's numbers (where the fax supposedly came from) are 410-363-8844 & 410-363-8877. Yet the number on the image is 410-363-8855. Another sloppy work by Insane P.I. Bill Warner.

Our advice to Bill Warner, the Village Idiot: if you're going to fabricate some evidence, make sure you spell the names right and don't confuse the numbers. We're anxiously awaiting the post with "muslims-agasinst-sharia-phony-check2.jpg" Will the check come from al Qaeda this time? And would Insane P.I. Bill Warner be stupid enough to cash that check?

Given amazing stupidity and incompetence displayed by Bill Warner, the Village Idiot, there is a possibility he will use this "evidence" to prove a link between MASH and HLF. Good luck with that, you blithering idiot!

Update 2:
The blithering idiot must have read this post; he added 410-363-8855. Good thing we made the screenshot.

1 phone
2 phones

Update 3:
Now Warner is back to 1-number version, this time with the right number. Took him three times to get it right. Not bad for a blithering idiot.

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Susan P. said...


Wow! There's gotta be a statute of limitations, on that, surely!
And he's still investigating at this level for that long?

Not to mention the misspelling of "Khalim".

"Stupid is as stupid does" - Forrest Gump.

"Deranged is as deranged does" - Susan P.