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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Insane P.I. Bill Warner Runs Out Of Material

Bill Warner, the Village Idiot, read our previous post, "Dyslexic P.I. Makes an Ass of Himself. Again.," where we pointed out errors in his fabricated evidence. If he had any sense, he would have stopped, but being a compulsive liar he can't; he must dig himself a deeper hole.

In his latest rant, "Khalim Massoud, Ilshat Alsayef, “Jane Doe” & The Other Frauds at Muslims Against Sharia Have Hijacked A Second PO Box Number For Their Support Page, The Rats Are Scrambling," he provides a new piece of "evidence" which is more hilarious than the previous one.
Another Fake Screenshot

First, he uses a link to an image calling it a "Google cached result":
... see Google cached result <a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6eonppuEMEo/SpglUu2THQI/AAAAAAAAHd4/_C4BU8BNwC4/s1600-h/muslims+agasint+sharia+hijacks+po+box+number.jpg"><span style="color:#0000ff;">click here</span></a> ...
If you knew HTML, you'd see that code leads to an image (which is not even a screenshot), not to a cached page.

But he doesn't stop there. After we made fun of Hillbilly Warner's dyslexia for constantly misspelling "Against" as "Agaisnt", he screwed up the spelling differently (Aganist) and then corrected it as it were misspelled by MASH. Insane P.I. can't even come up with an original lie anymore; he must use our mention of his dyslexia as the basis for his fabrications. Could he be more pathetic? Just kidding, of course he could. That's the Retarded Hillbilly Warner we're talking about!

The reason Insane P.I. Bill Warner keeps referring to Linda Ahmed as "Jane Doe," but mentions Ilshat Alsayef by name is because Mr. Alsayef provided this blog's URL to Hillbilly Warner's facebook contacts list. As a result of reading this blog, most of them dropped Bill Warner, the Village Idiot from their contacts which must have infuriated the degenerate liar.

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