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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Insane P.I. Bill Warner: "Exposing My Bigotry is Just as Evil as Blowing Up WTC"

In his latest masterpiece titled "Muslims Against Sharia Try To Silence Private Investigator Bill Warner These Are The Same Type Of Bastards As On 9/11/2001.," the Village Idiot posted another set of false claims.

Let's start with the title: "Muslims Against Sharia Try To Silence Private Investigator Bill Warner."
- The reality is quite the opposite. Every time Warner opens his mouth, he makes an idiot out of himself. Why would we want to silence that? We're more than happy to re-broadcast Warner's statements, which is exactly what we're doing.

"The anti-American Muslim group run by Khalim Massoud, falsely called “Muslims Against Sharia”, has instituted and continued a program of cyber stalking and posting of false and defamatory articles about Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner"
- The very essence of those "defamatory" articles are Warner's own statements. Almost every single one of the articles is based on quotes from the Village Idiot Bill Warner.

"Warner’s exposure of right wing bigot Dutch MP Geert Wilders and Bill Warner’s efforts in shutting down Muslim terror websites linked to Al-Qaeda"
- Oh, give it a rest, you moron. You have as much to do with shutting down terror website as you have to do with Moon landing. As for Wilders being a bigot, his rhetoric doesn't come close to the bigoted statements by Bill Warner.

Now, this is really funny - the degenerate contradicts himself in the same article:
1. "Massoud and MAS are fake they don’t really exist, they the alter ego of a ultra right wing blogger and speaker [Pamela Geller - see previous posts] who seeks the destruction of the Barack Obama Administration and the rise of racist Dutch MP Geert Wilders."
2. "Khalim Massoud and Muslims Against Sharia are a false group with no US affiliations ..."
Well, if Pamela Geller lives (according to Warner) in New York and MASH is her "alter ego" how could MASH not have US affiliations? Besides, every other person who, according to Warner, was behind MASH was also an American. Not that anyone could expect a degenerate like Warner to understand basic logic, but still.

"Sarasota Private investigator Bill Warner will continue in his efforts to shut down Al-Qaeda linked websites"
- As we might have mentioned before, posting BS claims and re-posting information widely available online have nothing to do with shutting down websites.

In several posts, including this one, Warner has claimed that he received death threats from Khalim Massoud via email.
- Yet, to this day, he failed to post a single one of them. With Warner's affinity to re-post anything even remotely relevant to a subject, why wouldn't he re-post specific death threats that he claims to have received? Is that because that those "death threats" are nothing but another lie concocted by the Village Idiot?

In the second part of his post, Warner lists a number of "lawsuits" and "complaints."
- Of course he fails to mention that every one of them was either thrown out or simply ignored.