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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dyslexic P.I. Makes an Ass of Himself. Again.

Bill Warner, the Village Idiot must be suffering from severe dyslexia. Remember "Agaisnt"? Or "Shaira"? The latest rant by this retard with delusions of grandeur titled "MUSLIMS AGAINST SHARIA HAVE HIJACKED THE PO BOX NUMBER 241921 OF THE RUG SHOP IN OMAHA NE TODAY, FEDERAL WIRE FRAUD CHARGES TO FOLLOW." proves that Hillbilly Warner can't even fabricate evidence without making mistakes due to his severe dyslexia and utter stupidity. Insane P.I. provides an image that supposed to be a screenshot of MASH support page:
Fake Screenshot

However, it is not a real screenshot. (The actual page has white text on dark background on the language navigation bar on the top of the page.) It's a printout of the page recreated by the Insane P.I. by stealing the source code copyrighted by MASH. The following image proves that the thief stole the source code, but was to stupid to remove hidden part (<!- You may either click the button above to make credit card donations online or print this form and mail with your !->)
Stolen code

But not only Bill Warner, the Village Idiot was too stupid to have forgotten to remove the hidden code, he also mistyped the P.O. Box number. The number on MASH page is 241291. The number on Hillbilly Warner's post is 241921.

We proved that Insane P.I. Bill Warner is incompetent, a liar, a thief, that he fabricates evidence, but is even lousy at that on the account of being extremely stupid. What other, yet unknown sides will degenerate Hillbilly Warner reveal in his future posts?

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