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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bill Warner Runs Out of Thorazine

Hillbilly Warner In His Favorite Dinner Jacket
Suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, Hillbilly Warner must fill his anti-psychotic medication prescription regularly. Unfortunately paranoid schizophrenia sometimes, like in Insane P.I.'s case, is accompanied by severe dementia, so sometimes he forgets to do that. When he does, it leads to hilarious consequences.

After numerous complaints that Bill Warner, the Village Idiot filed against MASH, Khalim Massoud, Jane Doe, John Doe, Little Johnny Doe, and God were ignored or thrown out (see previous posts), Hillbilly Warner came up with another conspiracy theory. Actually, it's not even a theory, it's a definitive statement: "ANTI-AMERICAN GROUP MUSLIMS AGAINST SHARIA SEEK DESTRUCTION OF BARACK OBAMA ADMINISTRATION." And he didn't even do this in a post; he placed it on top of his site, billwarnerpi.com, so everyone could see what a blithering idiot Bill Warner is.

Insane P.I. Bill Warner loves to brag about how he shuts down terror website and consults Police, Secret Service, FBI, CIA, NSA and OBGYN. Not many people take those claims seriously. But the latest claim should effectively decrease the number to zero.

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