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Monday, August 31, 2009

Bill Warner & Doku Umarov vs. Akhmed Zakayev

A few months ago, Insane P.I. Bill Warner accused Ichkerian PM Akhmed Zakayev of orchestrated the Moscow theater siege. (Fine artwork is on the right.) The claim is so ridiculous that even the Russian FSB who came up with this idiotic conspiracy theory is too embarrassed to repeat it. But not Hillbilly Warner. The Village Idiot loves to repeat rumors, no matter how unsubstantiated they are.

Recently, Insane P.I. Bill Warner acquired another ally in his defamation campaign against Mr. Zakaev. This time it is Doku Umarov, an actual Chechen terrorist who "put fatwa on separatist leader living in London [Akhmed Zakayev] for abandoning Islam." Birds of a feather, they really do flock, don't they?

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