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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Projecting Bigotry

Today Bill Warner, The Village Idiot posted "St. Petersburg Neurosurgeon E-Mailed Obama Witch Doctor Image To Members of The Conservative Tea Party Movement, Now he is Out of a Job, Same Racism as Seen on the Pamela Geller “Atlas Shrugs” Website."

Bill Warner, the Islamophobic anti-Semite displays 'teabagger' image (right) "taken from the Pamela Geller “Atlas Shrugs” Website" as proof of Pamela's racism. Let's put aside the fact that 'teabagger' is a derogatory term, which Insane P.I. Bill Warner should know; according to his former colleague, Phony Rev Jimmy Sutter, Warner is involved in same-sex relationship. The question is, why in the world would Pamela Geller depict herself (or Tea Party Movement that, according to Warner, she "shills for") as a KKK? The answer is fairly obvious. As usual, Bill Warner projecting his hate and bigotry while being too stupid to understand how transparent his fallacies are.

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