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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Phony Rev. Jimmy Sutter vs. Insane P.I. Bill Warner

We got a nice present for the Independence Day from two degenerates who waged defamation campaign against MASH. For yet unknown reason, Phony Rev. Jimmy Sutter and Insane P.I. Bill Warner started to tell the truth about each other. Phony Rev. decided to expose one of his former associates by posting Bill Warner’s Bigotry Comes to Light. Actually, Bill Warner's anti-Muslim bigotry came to light quite a while ago. This is Insane P.I. famous quote from March 21, 2009: "I (Bill Warner) totally agree with Debbie Schlussel , she hit the nail right on the head again, it is all a fraud, a Muslim fraud, there are no Moderate Muslims". As usual, Phony Rev. exaggerate his claims, (deliberately?) confuses facts and outright lies, but the main point that Bill Warner is a bigot is correct.

The same day, Insane P.I. Bill Warner fired back: Ex-Con Trolling The Internet Beware of Rev. Jim Sutter. Being an "outstanding" P.I., Bill Warner found a website Phony Rev. and copied info about Jimmy Sutter. But again, the main point is correct: Jimmy Sutter is a liar and a fraud (just like Bill Warner.)

Could we have gotten a better present than two fraudsters exposing each other? Of course we could. World Peace would be nice. But two degenerate liars exposing each others' lies and bigotry is not bad either.



Lady Predator said...

Don't forget Sutter is as bright as a bowling ball he has the very stupid PI Warner confused with the brilliant Bill Warner of politicalislam.com

Anonymous said...

Phony Rev is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but for fairness sake, he's not the only one who made that error.