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Thursday, July 16, 2009

More False Accusations from the Village Idiot

In his latest masterpiece "Somalia: Al Shabaab deny beheadings report using the same tactics as Khalim Massoud of Muslims Against Sharia deny the obvious when caught and lie.," Bill Warner, the Village Idiot, continues to make false accusations about.

Assuming that English is not Bill Warner's native tongue, we'll attempt to translate gibberish into English: "deny the obvious when caught and lie" probably means "deny the obvious and lie when caught" or "deny the obvious when caught in a lie"

However, Insane P.I. neglects to mention which lie Khalim Massoud or MASH has been caught in. He only claims that "Khalim Massoud and the goons at Muslims Against Sharia continue to post false articles to the internet that have no basis in truth ..." Almost every one of those "false articles" link to Bill Warner's own statements. Statement like this: "no wonder the lawsuits are piling up against these internet terrorists [MASH]." There are no lawsuits against MASH. There are claims by Village Idiot Bill Warner about numerous lawsuits and investigations by various federal agencies, but all of those claims are as bogus as his claims of him shutting down terrorist websites.

I dare to make a prediction: when bin Laden is captured or killed, Insane P.I. Bill Warner would claim that he was instrumental in getting it done.

Insane P.I. Bill Warner published another one of his idiotic ramblings: "Leonard P. Gonzalez Jr pack leader in Pensacola Byrd murder was Cyberstalking Sarasota Family just like Khalim Massoud has of Sarasota PI Bill Warner.." As usual, it is packed with lies.

"Khalim Massoud of Muslims Against Sharia has been cyberstalking Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner since mid March 2009 for his expose of Dutch neo nazi groups linked to USA right wing activists and for Bill Warner shutting down Al-Qaeda linked websites across the USA."

1. We are not aware of Insane P.I. Bill Warner exposing any "Dutch neo nazi groups linked to USA right wing activists," but if he were, we would have commended him for that.
2. It is hilarious when this pompous ass claims to be "shutting down Al-Qaeda linked websites across the USA," when he has nothing to do with those websites being shut down.

"Khalim Massoud and Muslims Against Sharia have been banned form MySpace [http://www.myspace.com/reformislam], Facebook [http://www.facebook.com/khalim.massoud] and Sarasota Speaks [so has Bill Warner] websites."

"Muslims Against Sharia and the "President" Khalim Massoud have set up a fake website and posted articles as if written by Sarasota private investigator bill Warner"

Would the "fake website and posted articles as if written by Sarasota private investigator bill Warner" refer to Bill Warner in a third person?

"[I]n one such "article" Khalim Massoud claims Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner is an anti-Semite who chased a supposed Jewish client out of his office"

We never claimed that the client was chased out, she left herself [Naturally I got up and left] after overhearing Bill Warner's anti-Semitic rants. As for Bill Warner's "non-existing" anti-Semitism, he repeatedly accuses Jews (Boris Berezovsky, Pamela Geller, Jamie Glazov, David Horowitz, etc.) of being linked to either the Nazis or al Qaeda. Up until recently, Bill Warner was a contributing editor for anti-Semitic website "Chasing Evil."

"The cyberstalking of private investigator Bill Warner with numerous threats [the only threat was: "You have till the end of the day to remove poorly Photoshopped picture of Pamela Geller posted at http://www.billwarnerpi.com/2009/03/neo-nazi-freedom-party-rises-to-power.html. If the picture is not removed, you going to find out how Photoshop is used by professionals." Warner refused to remove the picture of a Jew hugging a "Nazi," so the threat materialized. Later, Warner chickened out and removed it anyway.] have resulted in the filling of a Temporary Restraining Order in Sarasota county against Khalim Massoud and Muslims Against Shaira (sic.) [having no merit, TRO was never signed by a judge see ORDER DENYING PETITION] and a multi-million dollar Lawsuit filed against same and their website providers [another bogus filing] and a FBI Cyber Complaint filed against Khalim Massoud and the Muslims Against Sharia [and another bogus filing]."

And for dessert a touch of hypocrisy. Village Idiot Bill Warner exposes White Supremacist: "British National Front White Supremacist Planned Racist Bombings of Muslims, “the only good Paki is a dead Paki”, Neil Lewington had ‘Unhealthy Interest’ in Bombers Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski.," but is "the only good Paki is a dead Paki" that much different from "I (Bill Warner) totally agree ... it is all a fraud, a Muslim fraud, there are no Moderate Muslims"?


Lady Predator said...

Hey Sutter thinks you and Warner were gay lovers living together!! Sometime I am not sure that he doesn't actually **Belive** his lies


Anonymous said...

Sutter must be projecting. I guess he's very upset that Warner rejected Sutter's sexual overtures and went for another guy :)