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Saturday, June 27, 2009

When Idiots Can't Get Their Facts Straight

Insane P.I. Bill Warner's latest masterpiece claims "Dutch Racist Geert Wilders Banned In USA and the UK, Condemned By The ADL, Pending International arrest warrant , Panned by LGF and Jawa Report and On Trial In His Homeland for Hate Speech, You Think Wilders Would Get The Message and Shut Up." ... "the well known international terrorist Geert Wilders also faces arrest and trial in Jordan"

Banned in the USA? Well known international terrorist? Really? Aren't these great examples of Village Idiot's wishful thinking? This is America, you degenerate. We have The First Amendment that guarantees our right to Free Speech. The same Free Speech that allows you to claim that your bogus lawsuits are real and that Geert Wilders is banned from the USA or call him a terrorist. The same Free Speech that allows us to expose you for the degenerate you are.

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