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Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Stupidity, Old Incompetence

Insane P.I. Bill Warner keeps embarrassing himself. His latest masterpiece, "WBI SEEKING INFORMATION ON KHALIM MASSOUD PRESIDENT OF MUSLIMS AGAINST SHARIA" claims that "Khalim Massoud is being sought in connection with possible terrorist threats against private investigator Bill Warner. Khalim Massoud is the subject of $500,000 civil lawsuit in Sarasota County Fl. ... CURRENT MULTI MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST ... [Khalim Massoud and] MUSLIMS AGAINST SHARIA" First, I wonder what "possible terrorist threats" means? But more importantly, does the Village Idiot know that "MULTI MILLION" is more than a million while "$500,000" is less than a million? Didn't he mean "Multi-Gazillion"?

After sending the following message, "GO TO HEL (sic.), DIRT BAG, I WILL EXPOSE YOU AND YOUR PALS, HOME ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBERS THE WHOLE PACKAGE, TRY ME, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH ! WARM REGARDS, AS I PISS ON YOUR FACE "KHALIM"," Insane P.I. asks for help in locating Khalim Massoud's physical address. The Village Idiot who calls himself a P.I.! What a great testament to his incompetence!

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