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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Insane P.I. Continues to Embarrass Himself

Bill Warner, the Village Idiot claims to have filed a lawsuit against Google, Enter Net, and Muslims Against Sharia: "May 1st 2009, Vindicated By Muslims Against Sharia LOL, Show Me the Money Khalim Massoud $500,000 Lawsuit Filed Today !"

Apparently Google's fault is that it hosts our blog with "defamatory" information about Insane P.I. Bill Warner. However verifiable statement of fact, however unflattering it is, is not defamation.

Apparently Enter Net's fault is that it hosts our blog, even though it doesn't even mention Bill Warner, the Village Idiot.

Of course our fault is clear. We dared to speak up against an internet thug, who is a lies, fabricates facts, and attempts to defame everyone who discloses his dirty little secrets.

Civil Inquiry Detail, however, seems to have some information missing. Fist, there is not attorney's name for Insane P.I. Bill Warner. Is that because no lawyer in Florida would attempt to file a frivolous suit? Then there is the following line: "LETTER - OUTSTANDING FEES FEE SHORTAGE LETTER - PLAINTIFF". Does this mean that Insane P.I. Bill Warner didn't even pay the filing fees? Does this all mean that this lawsuit is just as fake as the FBI complaint?

According to Florida Statute 57.105, Bill Warner will have to pay for our attorney if he files a frivolous lawsuit. Even as dumb as he is, he must know that he won't be able to afford it, therefore chances are this new "lawsuit" is just another lie.

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Lady Predator said...

Warner isn't too bright......he is guilty of posting defamtion against me and you on his blog. Accusing someone of committing a crime when they have not is automatic considered defamation.