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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deepening Degeneracy of Bill Warner

First Insane P.I. Bill Warner "exposed" MASH as radical Muslims conspiracy (al-Muhajiroun). Then Insane P.I. Bill Warner "exposed" MASH as radical Jewish conspiracy (JDL). Then he "exposed" Khalim Massoud as Jamie Glazov. Then Pamela Geller. Both are conservative Jews; both are on the same day. Yesterday, Village Idiot Bill Warner went the full circle: "exposed" MASH as radical Muslims. Again.

The basis for his "fine" investigative work is a degenerate Islamophobe Chris Logan who claims, among other idiotic things, that Islam is not a religion and that Christians consider the Bible man's word while Muslims consider the Koran God's word. Logan's reason for claiming that MASH are not moderate Muslims? Being called an idiot for making idiotic statements. however, the funniest thing is, and Bill Warner, the Village Idiot reproduced it on his post, that Logan advocates for "a moratorium on Muslim immigration." Isn't that the very thing for which Insane P.I. Bill Warner calls Dutch M.P. Geert Wilders a Nazi?

In another proof of Bill Warner's deepening degeneracy, he mailed us an envelope several weeks ago. The issue is not that we do not accept anything larger than a letter at the P.O. Box, we have a physical address for that. The issue is that the Village Idiot Bill Warner posted a question, what are we afraid of, but the coward does allow comments on his posts. So our question is: how are we supposed to answer to the Village Idiot when Village Idiot does not allow answers? This fits Insane P.I.'s M.O. He only asks questions when he knows there'll be no answer.

We all know that Village Idiot Bill Warner has spelling problems. He kept writing "agaisnt" instead of "against". Now he labels images "Khalid" instead of "Khalim." Assuming we can write "agaisnt" off to dyslexia, but "d" and "m" are not even close on a keyboard for it to be a simple typo.

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