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Sunday, May 24, 2009

And Another Set of Lies From Insane P.I.

Well, maybe it's not an intentional lie, but just another proof how much Village Idiot Bill Warner sucks at investigating things. In his latest post, "KHALIM MASSOUD & MUSLIMS AGAINST SHARIA KICKED OFF OF FACEBOOK AFTER ONLY 20 DAYS, VULGAR LANGUAGE AGAIN BY THE FALSE POSTER KHALIM MASSOUD," being true to his demented self, Insane P.I. makes three claims that have nothing to do with reality for every one statement of fact.

Statement of fact: MASH Facebook account (actually one of them) was closed for violating TOS.

False claim: Account was closed for using vulgar language.
Fact: No reason was given by Facebook, however we received multiple warnings about adding too many friends too fast, so the logical explanation, that was the actual reason.

False claim: Account was closed only after 20 days.
Fact: The account was active for several months. However, we already know that this pompous ass is not very good with timelines. He claims that MASH was set up in 2001, but actually it was set up in 2001.

False claim (more like an implied claim): "A short list of some of his friends are below" and a list of 7 friends.
Fact: The account had over a 1000 friends. One should wonder how many friends a Village Idiot like Bill Warner would get on Facebook.

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