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Friday, April 10, 2009

Village Idiot Embarrasses Himself. Again.

Just as I thought that Insane P.I. Bill Warner has finally settled on my "true" identity, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, the village idiot discovered yet another group behind Muslims Against Sharia. This time it is - click image (right) - a group of mean looking dumbasses in ski-masks (probably Bill Warner and his close relatives.) The group that is supposed to depict Islamic terrorists (I thought we have already passed al-Muhajiroun stage) is threatened by a "U.S Navy Seals Special Ops." How do we know that Bill Warner, the village idiot is the author? It's simple. Only Bill Warner would use "U.S" instead of "U.S." or "Seals" instead of "SEALs." Insane P.I. Bill Warner must think that subscription to a "Soldier of Fortune" magazine for "mercenaries and professional soldiers" makes him both a tough guy and a qualified P.I.

When the word lies didn't work (pathetic threats of FBI complaints and law suits,) the village idiot switched to picture lies. Thank you, Billy! We had a few good laughs at our "Islamic terrorist / Zionist" hangout.



Lady Predator said...

Geez how old is this man??

Anonymous said...

Stupidity knows no age :)