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Saturday, March 21, 2009

When Village Idiots Can't Get Their Radicals Straight

Jimmy Sutter, the Phone Rev and the other village idiot anti-Semite who takes part in anti-MASH defamation campaign posted "Muslims Against Sharia Resort to Cyberstalking, Defamation & Harassment." He claims that "Muslims Against Sharia (MASh) have now put up a cyberstalking, defamatory website, full of nasty allegations but not a scintilla of truth against Private Investigator Bill Warner, who runs just one of the numerous websites that have exposed the MASh site as run by members of the JDL, a banned terrorist organization." Putting aside the fact that JDL is not a "banned terrorist organization," Insane P.I. Bill Warner accused MASH of being a part of al-Muhajiroun. Wouldn't JDL be the opposite of al-Muhajiroun? Or does Jimmy Sutter hate the Jews as much as his namesake Carter that he changes the name of any radical organization to JDL? In fact, Bill Warner has not even mention the JDL in connection with MASH. Maybe it's just an oversight on his part, but still.

The "scholarly" article includes two updates:

"UPDATE: YouTube has yanked all videos posted by MASh due to racist content."

Really? Phony Rev does not seem to be a very good liar. All of our YouTube videos seem to be right where they were yesterday, or a year ago for that matter. Besides, we have no racist content in our videos.

"UPDATE #2: Muslims Against Sharia have now removed their member page from blogspot.com, however we’ve got screenshots that will live on forever."

Really? And which member would that be? One of the 21 members whose screen names are shown at random or one of the "33 more"?

Phony Rev

Albert Einstein once said: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." He must have known about Phony Rev and Insane P.I.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, you're using the screenshot I took of your now missing members page to claim you still have a members page. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Members page is still there, you moron. It's not our fault you're to stupid to get to it.

Lady Predator said...

Sutter is a congenial liar, just look how many times he has been arrested and convicted of a felony.
Mr. Sutter was avoiding reporting to prison for credit card fraud, he was posting on the Usenet about his impending demise. On Jan 13,1996, five days after he was ordered to report to FMC, Lexington, he posted: http://groups.google.com/group/bit.listserv.ada-law/msg/e2cdb358ed4a03cb

Seems before I could even leave for the transplant, I had another heart attack, and was taken by ambulance to the local hopistal. I spent about 3 days in CCU, and they reasonably stabilized me. They also ran new tests, and found that my ejection fraction (the efficiency of one's heart) is down to 8%, which disqualifies me for ny transplant.

To make a long story short, my doctor agreed to let me come home to die. He says it's probably a matter of days at this point, that a body simply cannot function on 8%.
Once I'm gone, I will try to watch over my friends from Heaven..."

Anonymous said...

According to DHS, the FBI and the Dept of Treasury, the JDL is indeed a banned terrorist organization, and the JDL and all of its offshoots are on the list of terrorist organizations from the Office of Foreign Office Control and under the authority of Terrorism Sanctions Regulations, both banning any financial transactions to the JDL or any of its offshoots. You've gone bigtime, MASh, you're helping to fund a terrorist organization.

Anonymous said...

"According to DHS, the FBI and the Dept of Treasury, the JDL is indeed a banned terrorist organization"

What kind of a moron would come up with such a stupid lie considering that JDL freely operates in the DHS, the FBI and the Dept of Treasury's jurisdiction, i.e., the USA?


How many terrorist organizations are allowed to keep a P.O. Box and a phone line in Los Angeles, you moron?

Lady Predator said...

Sutter is delusional, at one time he thought Bush one could turn himself into a lizard. His former pastor Ernie Sanders told that to me over the phone. You can call and confirm yourself. He said he had to ask Sutter to leave his church because he would take his medication.