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Thursday, March 26, 2009

When Idiots Attack Scholars

From Bill Warner, Insane P.I.'s blog, two headlines, both posted March 24, 2009:
#1 "Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch says Islamberg, N.Y “furthers the cause of global Islamic Jihad”, ‘Blogger Spencer” has no proof to back up his claims."
#2 "PI Bill Warner Offers More Proof On The Radical Intentions of “Islamberg” and Muslims of the Americas Training Camps."

So, let me get this straight, when 'Blogger Spencer' talks about the radical intentions of Islamberg, he is a dumbass with no facts, but when 'Esteemed Scholar Bill Warner' talks about the same subject on the same day saying the same things, he is the foremost expert on the subject. Got it.

Somebody, please explain to the Village Idiot Bill Warner how ridiculous offering more proof on top of no proof sounds.

We found the reason behind the defamation of Islamic Scholar Robert Spencer by Insane P.I. Bill Warner. Being "petty and vindictive," Village Idiot Bill Warner is upset with Robert Spencer for being outed as an incompetent hack: "Bill Warner, quoted above, is not the insightful analyst of Political Islam, but a "private investigator" in Florida who has not hesitated to republish outlandish and libelous fabrications in connection with these issues. What he says should be examined critically and carefully, and the sources checked. I have spent some time doing just this this morning, and have found his allegations about several matters to be rather spectacularly false. Caveat emptor." Readers of this blog know that Insane P.I. Bill Warner goes berserk every time someone outs him as a fraud he is.

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