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Friday, March 20, 2009

When Anti-Semites Get Caught. Insane P.I. Bill Warner is Grasping at Straws.

In another pathetic attempt to silence the truth, Bill Warner posted a Notice of Intent to File Suit…Google, Sarasota Speaks, Muslims Agaisnt (sic.) Sharia and Khalim Massoud et all. At the time of posting the article (I think it is item #5 about someone who he claims not to care about, but who's counting?) he must have been seething with hate and frothing at the mouth so much, he even forgot to use his spell-checker. It is hilarious that Bill Warner files (or claims to file) fraudulent complaints with the FBI alleging "TERRORISTIC THREATS VIA EMAIL, CONTINIOUS (sic.) FOR THE LAST 48 HOURS, DEATH THREATS, INTERRUPTION IN BUSINESS ETC ETC." after actually making a treat himself (You need to pray to your god that you never show up in the same room as me, ever, you maggot !), but when people start to come forward with information about Bill Warner's disgusting behavior, i.e., anti-Semitic remarks, he wants to shut them up. If Bill Warner had any brains, he would have realized that nobody at MASH is scared of his frivolous attempts to stifle Free Speech. We constantly deal with real death threats form real Islamofascists, so pathetic attempts of a washed out insane P.I. produce amusement, rather than fear.


Update: "Sarasota Speaks" removed Bill Warner's posting about MASH and me. It also removed my postings about Bill Warner.

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