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Monday, March 30, 2009

New Day - Old Lie

I keep asking myself, how stupid Insane P.I. Bill Warner really is? Today he posted (again!) his old lie about filing FBI complaint, but now he added a TRO on top of it: "TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER (TRO) AND FBI INTERNET CRIME COMPLAINT FILED AND UPDATED AGASINT MUSLIMS AGAINST SHARIA AND KHALIM MASSOUD."

Again with "AGASINT"? How many times do I have to tell this moron to use a spell-checker?

As I wrote before, filing false complaints with the FBI is a federal crime. I assume that there is no judge in Sarasota county that would sign off on a frivolous TRO either. I guess the Village Idiot Bill Warner ran out of ideas after he was outed as an Islamofascist corroborator by one of my esteemed colleagues.

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Lady Predator said...

TRO's are almost ways granted in domestic disputes. Certainly they are done for people who live in different states. Warner is just foaming at the mouth.