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Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Islamophobia from Insane P.I / Bill Warner Reveals My Identity for the Third Time

In his new pearl of wisdom, "Why does Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs Use False Poster and Phony Muslim Khalim Massoud to Post Articles on Private Investigator Bill Warner ?" Insane P.I. makes yet another Islamophobic statement: "“Muslims Against Sharia”, who believe that “Islam is Peace, Love, and Light” (as if “Islam is Peace” was not sufficiently vomit-inducing)."

When the notion that some Muslims (those bastards!) view their religion as peace induces vomiting in Bill Warner, he is a patriot. When Geert Wilders talks about restricting Muslim immigration, he is a Nazi. Makes perfect sense.

Then the village idiot keeps claiming that on the photo I am wearing a Russian uniform, even though I previously explained that a Russian uniform would not have a non-Russian flag as insignia.

After I debunked Village Idiot Bill Warner's claim that Jamie Glazov could not serve in Russian Army on account of him being a five-year-old, the moron decided to claim that MASH is a creation of Pamela Geller and Ted Belman.

Let's see what we have so far. According to Insane P.I. Bill Warner, MASH is creation of al-Muhajiroun, Jamie Glazov, Pamela Geller, and Ted Belman. I wonder who will be the next.

And another thing. Village Idiot Bill Warner claims: "the Russians have been fighting the Chechen Muslim Terrorists for over 10 years, not even mentioning the years the Russians fought the Muslims in Afghanistan, not many “Muslims” on active duty with the Russian Army you dumb ass." However, the fact of the matter is that majority of Russian military forces currently deployed in Chechnya are locals, i.e., Muslims. And I'm the dumb ass? Sure!

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