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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Insane P.I. Bill Warner Reveals Identity of the Man Behind MASH. Again.

First time Bill Warner "revealed" my true identity on march 17. "Khalim Massoud of Muslims Against Sharia identity revealed, see his photo." I assumed it was some type of pathetic attempt at humour. Second time Bill Warner seems to be more serious. His is implying that yours truly is none other than Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine: "Muslims Against Sharia and Khalim Massoud Give Fake Interviews On The Internet, They Are False Posters on FrontPageMagazine.com." His rationale? "“Khalim Massoud’s” interviews are all conducted on FrontPageMagazine.com by Jamie Glazov." I guess Bill Warner lacks investigative skills to discover the fact that ALL of FrontPage interviews are conducted By Jamie Glazov. Using Bill Warner's insane logic, everyone who has ever been interviewed by Jamie Glazov is not a real person.

Another lie: "Khalim Massoud wearing a Russian uniform in the old undated photo." This is not a Russian uniform. Russian flag is has white, blue, and red stripes. The flag on the right chest pocket (which Bill Warner conveniently covered with text) is different. Original image could be seen on FrontPage site. You can't make out exact colors, but it is clear that the white stripe is in the middle. This lie leads us to one of the two conclusions:
- either Bill Warner is incompetent investigator and any type of fatigues looks to him like Russian uniform, or
- Bill Warner knew it was not a Russian uniform, so he covered the only distinctive part of the uniform with text to substantiate his claim that Jamie Glazov is the same person as Khalim Massoud.
Is Bill Warner a moron or a liar? Or both?

But even if we ignore the uniform gaffe, the timeline doesn't work. Jamie Glazov was five years old when he left the Soviet Union. I wonder what kind of conspiracy theory would be concocted by Insane P.I. Bill Warner to explain this one.

The next lie: "After thorough investigation into the activity of
Muslims Against Sharia and the “President” Khalim Massoud corroborated with an agent for the US Secret Service in Omaha NE"

US Secret Service has two mandates: protecting high-ranking government officers and fighting counterfeiting. Entertaining delusions of an insane P.I. Bill Warner does not fall into USSS' purview. It is handled by psychiatrists, and Florida psychiatrists seem to be asleep at the wheel.

And another lie: "nor did Muslims Against Sharia and the “President” Khalim Massoud ever incorporate their business in the State of Omaha as required to collect donations." Incorporating is not required to collect donations.

And finally, Insane P.I. Bill Warner claims "Muslims Against Sharia and the “President” Khalim Massoud, un-American false group who post nothing but lies." Every claim that we posted on this site is corroborated, most of them by Bill Warner himself. So far we made once false claim that was retracted as soon as it was disproved. Bill Warner, on the other hand, made countless false claims and still has the audacity to accuse us of "post(ing) nothing but lies."

Khalim Massoud


Lady Predator said...

Clearly "PI" Bill Warner and Sutter are hearing the same voices. They both sound like the my patients when I worked at Metro State Hospital in Calif. The actually believe that they are important enough for someone in the federal goverment to speak to them and give them classified information. Too funny!

Lady Predator said...

BTW it looks to me like the flag is Red, white and either blue or green. Warner didn't even make in effort to blow up the picture!

Anonymous said...

"Warner didn't even make in effort to blow up the picture!"

I doubt he knows ho to do that. He doesn't strike me as being computer-literate.

Lady Predator said...

Figures.....I feel sorry for anyone who wastes their money hireing him!