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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bill Warner, The Anti-Semite

Since this website was created, we received quite a few emails. Most of them expressed support for Muslims Against Sharia, Pamela Geller, and Geert Wilders. Some of them expressed outrage at Bill Warner. But an email received yesterday was the best. It came from one of Bill Warner's potential client.

A couple of years ago, a Jewish lady needed some surveillance done and was waiting for Bill Warner, when she "overheard him screaming into the phone: "if it weren't for this fu..ing [edited] neocon Jews who control this maggot [president Bush], we wouldn't be in this mess [Iraq]." Naturally I got up and left." The lady asked to us not to reveal her identity due to Bill Warner's reputation of being "petty and vindictive" and that she "don't need more troubles in my life."

Bill Warner must have pissed off a lot of people by his incompetence and intolerance, so there is a chance this email is a hoax, though it does fit the pattern. Assuming the email is true, it certainly explains Bill Warner's crusade against Pamela Geller (a Jew) and Geert Wilders (a staunch supporter of Israel.) Isn't it ironic when Bill Warner accuses Geert Wilders of being a Nazi while he is himself an anti-Semite? However, again, this fits Bill Warner's pattern of behavior. He accused yours truly of "TERRORISTIC THREATS" and "DEATH THREATS" after writing "You need to pray to your god that you never show up in the same room as me, ever, you maggot !" and "I know who your are and where you all live". I understand the notion of offense being the best defense, but sooner or later the truth always comes out.

We have a real (not a pompous ass with delusions of grandeur) investigator looking into authenticity of this email even as this article is being written. Will post an update as soon as it becomes available.


Update: What do you know! Apparently email was sent from Tampa area. Not that there was much doubt, but unlike Bill Warner, we double-check our sources.



Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks MASh, now we know exactly who is sending the threats and obscenities.

Anonymous said...

When you were told that you will be sent back to prison, it was not a threat, but a promise. As for the obscenities, the real obscenity is that you're not there yet.

Lady Predator said...

Oh has Sutter been sending threats to himself again? This wouldn't be the first time! Remember Sutter was convicted of falsifying a police report in order to have this person arrested on false charges. http://tinyurl.com/cnvctb

Sutter past criminal history reveals that he who has committed the crimes of stalking, forgery, making false police reports, using interstate communications to make personal threats, (he uses his blog to defame persons who don't conform to his "whims and wishes" also known as extortion)Credit Card theft, impersonating an Navy officer impersonating mental health professional.

Anonymous said...

MAS, no one has told me I'm going back to prison, there are no open investigations on me.

Jeanette - why would you think that I'm using Horowitz's network with a Tampa location? You know I'm right outside of Cleveland. Adjust your meds, dearie. MAS was talking about threats to Bill Warner, not me. If you're going to stalk me, try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

"MAS, no one has told me I'm going back to prison"

So, you're not just dumb, you're also deaf? Figures.